Tesla CyberTruck Price And Specs will change, Elon Musk Said in the shareholders meeting: Complete detail here

On August 4, Elon Musk confirmed that the Tesla cybertruck price and specification will be different and some changes can be done in the upcoming model

In the Annual Meeting of shareholders at “cyber Roundup” company, Elon musk announced that the tesla electric pickup truck price and spec will be different

ISome Pictures posted on Instagram: You can visit our site to get all image overview, also  cybertruck specs also.

On 21 November 2019, Musk also said that Tesla CyberTruck will capture the market by 2021, as deadlines reach musk confirmed that the production of Cybertruck is dropped to 2022.

Musk also added that production of cybertruck will start in late 2022 or maybe start in early 2023 at Gigafactory Texas

In March staring, Tesla confirmed that it has a plan to complete the development of cybertruck this year or by 2022 and will start production in 2023.

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