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TESLA Cybertruck-shaped chargers installed in a parking lot in China. (Recently announced : CyberVault)

on 1st April, in a teaser image tesla showcased a cybertruck -themed EV wall connector called “CyberVault”, this shaped charger is quite similar to Tesla cybertruck design structure. 

Tesla gradually increases accessories for EVs in the market & become more existing & more unique in the auto industry 

tesla made everything from phone chargers to beer, and recently tesla unveil a more awaited product called a wall connector specially designed for Tesla EV. 

This wall connector charger was introduced on Weibo social media and posted by china person, this teased image goes popular in China in social media 

With Tesla CyberValut, tesla not only provides a charger but also gives 30-meter-long cables to charge EVs in the garage easily and needs not expand outside because 30m is sufficient for the garage 

Tesla CyberVault charger

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