Tesla deploys a Swimming Pool at Supercharger Station, introduced in Germany, at Hilden Town, announces at the annual meeting of shareholders with CEO, ElonMusk.

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Tesla has decided in a meeting to install a small swimming pool at the supercharger station in the town of Hiden, Germany, this unique concept brings from Tesla

This concept is quite similar to the tesla previous experiment, In last week Elon musk deploy new cube lounge at the supercharger station also offers food, tea, an automated coffee

As per the recent news, Tesla deploys the first mobile swimming pool in Germany, with the simple aim of engaging tesla owners with some fun activities, offering a restroom more...

As per the David Podcast Tesla Welt Podcast with his friend Electrek, shares a video on youtube of the swimming pool being deployed ahead of the launch coming on Thursday.

as per the instructions, you can use the pool for at least 10 minutes duration, and 4 people can use the pool at the same time interval.

for fun you also get a black Tesla-branded ball to play with 4 people at pool time, as you see in the background image.

Tesla CyberTruck Price And Specs will change, Elon Musk Said in the shareholders meeting, on August 4.