Tesla FSD(Full Self Driving) Beta V10.12 Update out to employees, it’s a Big One - complete detail

DYNABEAST      20 May 2022

Tesla FSD beta software update V10.12 with some improvement based on over the 250,000 video clips from the fleet 

Tesla has released notes for the FSD beta update on Twitter to aware people of the extensive work on its Tesla Full self-driving (FSD) Software.  

As per the TeslaScope, the FSD beta V10.12 update is now going out to the employee but the release notes for the update beta have not been released so far. 

Last week, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk said that the upcoming TESLA Beta version contains a lot of updates in its software including additional features  More...

Right now, The company has up to 100,000 owners in the FSD program, it is expecting that beta has more data to train its neural nets. 

Musk also predicted that if everything will be done well with beta update 10.12, Tesla may lower the required safety score to join the data program to 95+.

Musk said, replying to a question on Twitter, “Team is working the weekend to get 10.12 in limited release tomorrow.

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