Tesla has created a beautiful V4 supercharger in Italy

Tesla has created a beautiful V4 supercharger in Italy

V4 Superchargers are the fastest chargers for Tesla vehicles, providing up to 250 kW of charging power.


This means Tesla owners can charge their cars more quickly and get back on the road faster. 


there is only one V4 Supercharger in Italy, located in Milano San Giuliano. However, Tesla plans to build more V4 Superchargers in Italy soon. 

Note that this is just a list of the cities where Superchargers are located. There may be multiple Superchargers in each city.


These superchargers have several advanced features: 


1. New Stall Design: V4 Superchargers have a more efficient and user-friendly stall design. They’re also smaller, allowing Tesla to fit more of them in the same space.


1. Liquid Cooling: These chargers use liquid cooling to keep the charging cables cool and prevent overheating. This enables faster charging without damaging the cables.


1. New Charging Connector: V4 Superchargers come with a smaller and lighter charging connector, making it easier for Tesla owners to plug and unplug their vehicles.

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