Tesla has recalled workers to Giga Shanghai Factories but delayed production on restart by a day - Complete Detail.

DYNABEAST 18 April 2022

On Monday, April 18 Tesla start preparing to restart their Giga Factories in shanghai, China after three weeks of covid lockdown 

The Shutdown in china is to make control the pandemic elsewhere it also hurt the country’s economy and rattles the global supply chain. 

The situation in the city or country of china is still difficult amid severe lockdown in Shanghai to try to clog the spread of covid infections. 

Last week Bejing also said that they had prepared a list of prioritized “White lists” of 66firms to restart or keep on going in Shanghai, including Tesla, Volkswagen.

Last 2 days ago, Tesla had planned to reopen its GigaFctory Shanghai by the next Weekend, expected to be opened on April 18. 

As per the Reuters reports, Tesla had hoped to open one shift production on Monday: - To know more visit our Website

Tesla has finally start preparing to reopen its GigaFactories and recall its worker to the Giga Shanghai plant in china. 

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