Tesla launched Model Y Standard Range AWD for employees at the price of $60000   - In detail check it out now

DYNABEAST 12 April 2022

Last week, Tesla has delivering its new model y standard AWD for employees made at Gigafactory, Texas 

Tesla officially launched its electric SUV but does not list the specifications, features, rang,e and prices of the new SUV. 

Tesla delivers its made-in-tesla model Y AWD vehicle at the cyber rodeo. If you want to know more visit our website

It is expected that the new electric SUV is equipped with 4680battery cells based on structural battery unit technology. 

The new Tesla Model Y AWD variant has a price of $3,000 cheaper than its model Y long-range

Last week, Tesla delivered up to 20model Y AWD to its employee and it now continuously delivered to employees those who ordered  more...

Q What is the Model Y Standard Range AWD  ? Ans:Model Y Standard Range AWD  $60000   as per the tesla official news

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