Tesla new Model 3 lot spot via car carrier

Today , NicklasNilsso14 posted that Tesla have no dock to get cars from, so they transport them by truck from other countries!

Main thing is that Tesla is getting around the Swedish port strike by importing their cars via car carrier.

On X Esther posted that Many upgraded tesla model 3 arrived in Barcelona, Spain

On X Chiran Nicusor  Shared a news that   Upgraded @tesla model 3 is present at the Tesla center in Bucharest, Romania

On X Esther Shared a news that  upgraded @Tesla model 3 can now be admired and driven  at Tesla Slovenia!

On X Esther posted this video which shows two people unwrapping an upgraded Tesla Model 3, this is only an unboxing video

As per the Roland post, Hungary reported 73 @Tesla sales and 0.8% market share for September.

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