Tesla planning to reopen production at Giga Shanghai on April 18 after a 3-week shutdown : official news, check it out now.

16 April, 2022 dynabeast.com

Tesla is planning to restart production at Gigafactory Shanghai on Monday, April 18 after a 3-week of long gap in china.

Tesla was shut down around the last 3-week due to covid crisis and got a loss of 40,000 electric vehicles production as per the Reuters report. 

Tesla now expects Gigafactory Shanghai Shutdown until at least Friday due to covid -19 infections, now 

the automaker said that tesla will reopen production soon, and china allow tesla to restart production at Giga Shanghai. 

Tesla Might be reopened its production next weekend, but it couldn’t make it work as it wasn’t to secure enough workers.

one of the people said the U.S. automaker’s plans to start one shift would gradually ramp up.

In the last 3 week, Tesla missed out on around 40,000 electric vehicle production as tesla make 2,000 vehicles per day 

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