Tesla prepares to expand Gigafactory Shanghai to produce 21,000 EVs per week- Complete detail in this story.

Tesla planning to partly shut down the Giga Factory for a few weeks with the aim to ramp up the Giga Shanghai production of 21,000 electric vehicles per week. 

As we all know that due covid-19, the Tesla Giga plant in Shanghai was shut down for 2-3 weeks due to this production is a delay  

tesla decided to produce 21,000 cars per week and make a partly shut down on Giga Factory in shanghai0 for upgrade work. 

The only reason for partly shutting down is to expand the production of Model Y which has a daily capacity of around 2,000 per week  

After upgrading the production is expected to be 22,000 per week. The production starts on July end and will be closed on Aug 7, 2022. 

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk announced that Giggafactory will be back on Aug 7 with a full production capacity of half a million vehicles per year after the citywide lockdown.