Tesla started rolling out its Full self-driving(FSD) beta in Canada. 

28 February, 2022 dynabeast.com

Tesla finally started rolling out its full self-driving beta in Canada. Tesla has started deploying the 2020.4.5.4 software update. 

version is currently being tested by a fleet of tesla owners selected by the company and through its “safety test score”.  

The software enables the car to drive freely to its destination entered in the navigation panel.  and so many...

The software version 2022.4.5.4 was first spotted on Tesla model 3 long range in Ontario by third-party service @teslafi and steven Elliott also share screenshots 

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla also announced that he has hopeful the full self-driving beta version will hit Canada by the end of this week.

Let us talk about some factors that assign drivers safety scores out of 100 such as hard braking, aggressive turning, unsafe following, and forced Autopilot disengagement. 

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