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Tesla Supplier CATL Commands 34.8% of the battery market in 1H22: SNE   research and analysis.

CATL stands for Contemporary Amprex Technology Co., It is a Chinese leading battery manufacturer and supplier that is a specialist in Lithium-ion technology

CATL china-based battery EV provider achieved 1st position with 34.8% of market share in the first half year earning report.

SNE analysis that around 203.4 GWH electric vehicles battery were installed worldwide in the country

CATL had installed around 70.9GWH batteries while LG energy Solution installed 26.2GWH EV batteries globally out of the 10 EV battery makers.

Tesla Supplier LG energy Solution, a next-generation battery manufacturer achieve 2nd position in the EV battery race with 26.3GWH of total capacity with a 14.4% Market share

TeslaRati, It is also expected that Tesla will utilize BYD battery cells in the Model Y, Tesla also planning to construct a new plant at Gigafctroty Shanghai in china

Apart from that SK-on Season plant, South Korean battery manufacturer got 5th rank in the EV battery race with a total capacity of 13.2GHW and market share of 6.5%.

Tesla Secures $5 Billion Nickel Supply Deal, after the CNBC interview with the Indonesian government