Tesla Workers Refuse to Support Union Strike in Sweden

Tesla workers in Sweden have refused to support a union strike initiated by IF Metall, a Swedish trade union. The union had called for a strike on October 28, 2023

to protest Tesla's refusal to sign a collective bargaining agreement. However, the strike was poorly attended, with most Tesla workers continuing to work as usual.

Today : UAW official announcement from the UAW on their record new contract with Stellantis.

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This Week we got pics of Tesla’s cyber truck with Bullet shots on X

these pics show that Tesla’s cyber truck can handle bullets and has the capability to handle tough materials.

On X Elon Musk CEO of Tesla Said that Tesla’s cyber truck can pass bullet testing

TeslaRati also covers this topic: Tesla Cybertruck underwent ‘Al Capone-style’ bulletproof testing, Elon Musk reveals.

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