Tesla's Cyberquad for kids is back in stock 

Tesla's Cyberquad for kids is back in stock in the US for $1,900

"Powered by a lithium-ion battery with up to 15 miles of range and a 500W motor with a top speed of 10 mph."

adio Flyer CEO: "We're thrilled to announce the official relaunch of the Cyberquad for Kids...

a product we have been working to enhance for the last two years. Our award-winning product development team has worked closely with the Tesla Design Studio to update this new model."

On X Chiran Nicusor  Shared a news that   Upgraded @tesla model 3 is present at the Tesla center in Bucharest, Romania

On X Esther Shared a news that  upgraded @Tesla model 3 can now be admired and driven  at Tesla Slovenia!

On X Esther posted this video which shows two people unwrapping an upgraded Tesla Model 3, this is only an unboxing video

As per the Roland post, Hungary reported 73 @Tesla sales and 0.8% market share for September.

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