Tesla’s cathode factory


Here’s the progress of Tesla’s first cathode factory in texa.

Tesla’s cathode factory


On Friday,Joe Tegtmeyer, who flies drones over Gigafactory shares a video on Youtube

Tesla’s cathode factory


now Tesla now building its own “cathode Plant” in texas, with the aim to provide a cathode facility to customers.

Tesla’s cathode factory  


At the Battery day event,2020 Elon Musk also shares a new “cathode chemistry” concept that will help tesla for simple and cheaper productions.

Tesla’s cathode factory   


Musk also said that Tesla acquired this technology from a Canadian startup.

Tesla’s cathode factory    


musk also applied for building permission for its new battery plant.

Tesla’s cathode factory     


we learned from Joe Tegtmeyer, who flies a drone over the Gigafactory texas, he capture a new overview of the Cathode battery plant in texas

Talk about the “Cathode plant” area/ dimensions, it is 3 stories plant, this plant is not bigger than tesla’s main Gigafactory, Texas(4 million feet of a square ), it might be less than < 4 million sqrt

Senior vice president, the engineer, Drew Bagleno also shares views on the cathode factory in North America.

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