Ahmedabad-based EV charger Tirex to set up an EV charging station in Kerala - detail in website

DYNABEAST 2 May 2022

EV charger manufacturer equipped has partnership with Kerala electricity board to establish 29 EV charging stations over the state 

Tirex charger is India’s largest EV charging network and original Equipment manufacturer(OEM) based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

The company tied up with Kerala State Electricity Board Limited(KSEBL) to install a chain of EV chargers over the state. 

Under the partnership with KSEBL, the Tirex EV charger will install 29 EV charging stations in Kerala  

each quipped with multiple charging points with the facility of both AC and DC charging. for further information visit...

Currently, 56 electric chargers stations are being set up in Kerala said by electricity minster k Krishnankutty. 

Tirex has intended to set up 200 EV charging points in the 29 stations over the state, now 12 charges were already installed out of 29 EV chargers as per the official report. 

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