Top 20+ features addon Ola Move O.S. 3 : Learn more

so let’s start and know which features you will see a stable version of ola Move o.s. 3. in December month. 


Ola launches the third version of move os 3 in October month which is basically a beta version  


Feature – get 3 different display theme 1. Eclipse 2. Vintage 3. Bolt


Ola offers sound in the ola s1 scooter for safety purposes  


Feature – Hill Hold this feature is really useful for electric vehicles, it works when you are riding in a hilly area you need to apply the immediate brake  


Ola offers a Hypercharger where you need to charge your vehicle for 15 min and can ride for 50km, it’s too small for now but ola said that in the upcoming year we will extend its range.


Feature – Documentation Storage This is a kind of feature where you can upload your important documents on ola scooter memory and use it when needed. 


Triton to sign MOU with Gujarat government to set up a plant of 10,000 crores to establish commercial EV plant in Kutch-Bhuj, Gujarat. 

Charging point- It is also a USA based charging network compnay ( $1.3B) charging network company-: 1. Smart Charging Stations

Tesla adds 40 V3 superchargers stations in china mainland

Rivian begins delivery of its R1S electric SUV to non-employee