Top 5 Lesser-Known Cool Features of Ola s1 Air


After Ola launches S1 Air third varaints, most peoples are confuse which is better ola s1 pro vs ola s1 Air? we conclude it in this >


Ola S1 Air is better than ola s1 pro & ola s1 in terms of build quality, accessories and acceleration but only  has cons - less range of 101 km of Arai range.

ola launches third varaint of ola s1 series with name  'ola s1 Air' which come at less than Rs. 90,000 with upgraded design .


Improvement in s1 series 1. Ola upgrades the Grad handle with a new one which has decent quality and with a unique look.


2. Ola also updates its seat with a sculpted seat which is more comfortable and may not feel tied while long riding.


Driving modes in Ola S1 Air 1.reverse mode 2.Eco mode 3.sports modes   but you may not get hyper mode in s1 air, this is cons. 


Ola also adds some accessories to Ola Store like a center stand, and side footer which really necessary and illustrate the playing card & dice set. 


Pros of ola s1 Air – comfortable seat – used hub motor – use center stand – 12-inch 90/90 tire


cons of ola s1 air – Cruise control – Hyper mode – less range – use a drum braking system


what is the ola s1 air range? Ola S1 Air has a 101km of ARAI-certified range.

one thing is boot space, ola reduce 2 liters of boot space in the s1 Air, compared to both sibling you will get 36liter of boot space 

conlusion: ola s1 air is upgraded version of its both sibling but ola degraded range 75km as well as reduce bootspace to 34 litre. but overall s1 air is better then its sibling.

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