Top notch 10 best Selling Electric Scooter Brand in India 

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In this guide, I will share the top 10 Highest Selling Electric Scooter brands in India  

Ola electric – 1st place

ola sold 17,474 units in January 2023. In comparison, the company sold 1, 106 units same month last year 2022. 

TVS – 2nd place  (it sold 9,916 units in January 2023 and in comparison to last year, it sold 1,157 units same month 2022. the company saw growth of 757%. )

Ather Energy- 3rd place Ather sold 8,687 units in January month this year and in terms of last year it sold 1,881 units. 

Hero Electric- 4th place Hero electric sold 6,266 units this year in January month whereas the last year Jan. it sold 8,153 units, this figure shows, hero electric growth of 23% decrease to last year. 

Okinawa- 5th place It sold 4,238 units last month 2023, in comparison to last year’s same month it sold 5,615 units.

Ampere- 6th place Ampere saw a de-growth of -6 percent, it sold 4,120 units in January Month 2023, while it sold 4,367 units last year same month.

Bajaj- 7th place its sales are increase by 319 %, it sold 2,564 units in January 2023 and in comparison to last year’s same month, it only sold 612. 

Okaya- 8th place Okaya comes in 8th position in the EV race it sold 984 units this year. 

Kinetic Green- 9th place Kinetic Green comes in 9th place of Electric two-wheeler brands, kinetic sold 984 units in January month 2023.

BGauss Auto- 10th place BGauss, the Mumbai-based electric scooter brand, comes at the 10th position because it sold only 698 units in January Month 2023. 

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