Vanderhall Brawley electric Off-Roader Can Tackle Any Terrain With Zero Emissions

VanderWall is american based manufacure company

Vanderhall Motor is American based manufacturing company in Provo, Utah, and the brand is mainly known for making sports cars, jeeps, and many more now, electric vehicles.

After success in the electric singular three-wheeler Venice Speedster last year, Vanderhall Motor comes with another electric vehicle named Brawley is the first 4*4 electric vehicle in the US.

Talking about the features of Vanderhall Brawley, Brawley comes with four electric motor controllers that are eCrab, eTank, eSteer, and eCrawl. we discussed each of them in detail with a diagram.


Brawley has an advanced battery conditioning system that extends the cold range and increases battery lifecycle. It is available in DC fast charge up to 80% of capacity in an hour.

QWhich battery Vanderhall Brawley have? Ans: 60 kWh lithium-ion battery with NMC pouch cells for more detail visit our website

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