WardWizard E-bike Leader has showcased its entire electric two-wheeler at Kolkata electric Vehicle Exposition 2022   - In Detail

DYNABEAST 23 April 2022

WardWizard  an EV manufacturer, Joy e-bike showcase its entire range of Marque electric two-wheeler at the electric vehicle exposition 2022 in Kolkata on Friday, April 22.

Homegrown EV major is known for its high and low-wheeler models like Gen-next, Glob, Wolf, and E-monster Wheeler 

Homegrown EV major are popular amongst at age group of 16 to 60 years. we add complete information in detail on site.

Electric Vehicle leader Joy e-bike also showcases its upcoming three-wheeler that will be expected to launch in the second quarter of the financial year. 

Chief operation officer, Sheetal Bhalerao, commented On the EV expo, “We have received an overwhelming response from dealers and visitors in Kolkata  more...

The visitor can experience the electric two-wheeler from Wardwizard at science city, J.B.S Haldane Avenue Kolkata-700096 more...

Q: How many  electric vehicles in india? Ans:Know Here. EV in India: In total, India has around 9.66 lakh EVs. According to e-vahan porta

About WardWizard- Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Limited, an innovation-driven company with a current market capitalization of 1800 Cr

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