Xpeng says new G9 gets over 8,000 firm orders within 72 hours

Xpeng’s 2024 G9 received over 8,000 firm orders within 72 hours of launch, marking the first time the brand has received such orders.

The new G9, launched at an event in Dunhuang, China, has a starting price of RMB 263,900 ($36,160), 46,000 lower than the old model’s starting price of RMB 309,900.

The G9 570 Plus is the least expensive model, followed by the G9 570 Pro with a starting price of RMB 329,900.

The 570 Pro version is the lowest-priced, with a starting price of RMB 263,900.

The G9’s confusing configuration at launch last year sparked dissatisfaction, leading to a significant drop in deliveries this year.

Despite this, Xpeng has high hopes for the new G9, which is expected to be the No. 1 seller of all-electric SUVs priced in the RMB 250,000 to RMB 300,000 range.

The G9’s production volume will grow rapidly to allow more customers to experience the premium smart driving experience that the G9 delivers as early as possible.

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