Yulu launch 2 new electric 2W DeX GR, Miracle GR with Bajaj

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Yulu launch 2 new electric 2W DeX GR, Miracle GR, and Mfg by Bajaj Auto partner with Magna Swap network

under a partnership between Yulu and bajaj, a 100% owned Subsidiary of Bajaj Auto 

This scooter is powered by an Ai-Led technology stack and will be manufactured by Bajaj Auto. 

As bajaj has a stake in Yulu tech company, bajaj will help Yulu to upgrade to second-generation electric scooters and also partly manufacture its components. 

Yulu both 3rd generation e-scooter DeX GR, and Miracle GR use smart dockless EV technology. 

As per the Yulu, this three-generation electric scooter is foolproof, fall roof, and will off OTA support. 

Yulu also said that this scooter is trackable and we can easily maneuverability (monitor) for commercial as well as Personal like Zypp uses the Zypp Dash platform. 

Chief Business Development Officer, RaviKumber Bajaj Auto Said

Amit Gupta Co-founder, CEO of Yulu

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