Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 lite rollout in Europe at $441

Xiaomi Beijing-based automotive company has officially launched its electric scooter 3 lite with an upgraded version, extra features & with upgraded build quality. so in this article, we will see a complete detail of 3 lite in detail with my experience.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 lite rollout in Europe at $441


As we learned that Xiaomi’s invest the $10 billion electric vehicles project is said to hit a regulatory roadblock, Xiaomi has faced difficulty to get regulatory approval for its electric vehicles project but now Xiaomi might get approval and planning to launch it’s 10 all-new EV variants early 2023.

Let us talk about the Xiaomi E-scooter, as I previously told you that this is an upgraded version of its predecessor MIJIA M365 which was launched in later 2017, but Xiaomi said that this version 3 lite is more convenient, cruise control, 3 driving modes with the extra range also adds high-quality aluminum material.

As the E-scooter trend drastically increase in the market not only in China but in other countries also, so that’s why Xiaomi decided to introduce its 3 lite which comes at less than $500, with premium aluminum material, big wheelbase, support 3 steps foldable mechanism, ride smoothly in the bumpy situation easily.

Technical Specs

Dimensions1105 x 430 x 1137mm
Maximum load100kg
Maximum speed25km/h
IP protection classIPX4
Charging time~ 4.5 hours
Rated power300W

Major & Minor Changes

The major change that I have to feel is that Xiaomi offers a drum brake system instead of a Disc brake, the only reason is that it required less maintained cost and will give more flexibility to Ev. What did you think this Xiaomi transition is true or not?

Also, a minor change is that it reduces the frame size of 3 lite, with the aim of a balanced lower center of gravity and stabilized ride, this means approx 6-7 feet can easily ride EV.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 3 lite rollout in Europe at $441

Xiaomi 3 Lite is based on third-generation architecture, it has a retro style with semi-bezels, is lightweight, with a large instrumental cluster screen compared to the previous one. in the cluster screen, you will see a ride range, mileage, and trip data.

Talking about the color schemes, Xiaomi offers two color options in 3 lite, it has two colors white and black, currently, Xiaomi offers white colors in China, Europe, the Netherlands, etc. and black is only available in Spain, you can also order from amazon through Amazon website.

$298 in Chinawhite color
$451.47 in Italywhite color
$493.43 in the Netherlandswhite color
$447.77 in Spainblack color
$444.07 in Francewhite color

Talk to the performance

When comes to performance, it has a max speed of 25kw/h with 250W motor power, this 3-lite version has 14% more capability to ride in climbing areas easily.

But no big changes can be done by Xiaomi, some changes like it increase 10 mm of wheelbase from 141mm to151mm to give a better riding experience. it can handle a max of 100kg of weight while riding.

Battery specs: we all know that battery is the heart of any electric vehicle, Xiaomi 3 lite has a 5.2Ah battery pack that will deliver 20 kilometers of max range single ride.

About the charging, it required 4.5 hours to get full charges.

Foldable Mechanism

Xiaomi offers a foldable mechanism in its E-scooter 3 lite, this mechanism is quite similar to the Ninebot Max G30, you can follow these steps to fold it down.

Step1: lift the connecting buckle

Step2: lift the buckle again & press down

Step3: fold it together

step4: finish, you successfully fold it.

Mobile UI also upgrade

There are some changes had been done by Xiaomi in its mobile application in front you can manage E-scooter operations like mileage, speed, trip data, and vehicle maintenance. check here.

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