Xiaomi’s First Electric Car, the MS11, Spotted in Testing!

Xiaomi’s First Electric Sedan, the MS11, Spotted During Tests

Exciting news for Xiaomi’s electric car plans! They got the green light to make EVs, and now we’ve got a sneak peek at their very first one, the MS11. It was caught on camera being tested. This is a big deal because Xiaomi also got permission to make cars from China’s government and even got the domain name It’s like they shifted into high gear for making electric cars!

Xiaomi's First Electric Car MS11

The MS11 was seen driving around with lots of camouflage on the Urumqi-Changji urban expressway. They were testing how it does in hot weather.

Xiaomi talked about making electric cars back in 2021. People weren’t sure if they could do it, but Xiaomi said they were doing really well. They promised to have cars ready by the middle of 2024.

Guess what? They’re not just on time – they’re ahead of schedule! The person in charge of Xiaomi’s international business said they’re making even faster progress than expected.

Xiaomi's First Electric Car MS11

Here’s some drama for you: the leader of Xiaomi posted a picture of himself and his team watching the car being tested in a big desert. And then, surprise! Pictures of the MS11 got leaked on the internet.

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In June, we found out some details about the MS11’s battery. This car has a version that can go a really long way – up to 800 km – thanks to a big 101 kWh battery. It’s also designed with a special 800V system. The battery isn’t super special, but it’s okay. What’s interesting is that Xiaomi didn’t just ask one company to make the battery – they asked two! They’re working with CATL and CALB to keep the cost down.

Now, about the price. Xiaomi’s MS11 will have to compete with other popular cars like the Tesla Model 3 and a few others from China. It’ll cost around RMB 200,000, which is about €25,500. So, it’s in the same price range as those other cars.

Xiaomi's First Electric Car MS11

Things are heating up in the world of electric cars, and Xiaomi is revving its engines to be a strong competitor. Get ready for some exciting times ahead!

1. What is the Xiaomi MS11 electric car? The Xiaomi MS11 stands as Xiaomi’s inaugural electric car, marking the company’s entry into the electric vehicle arena. It’s a sleek electric sedan designed to blend cutting-edge technology, performance, and sustainable mobility.

2. When was the first sighting of the Xiaomi MS11? The MS11 recently made its debut during testing on the Urumqi-Changji urban expressway. This sighting has ignited excitement as Xiaomi gears up to launch its very first electric vehicle.

3. What’s notable about the chosen testing location for the Xiaomi MS11? The Urumqi-Changji urban expressway was specifically selected for testing, where the MS11 underwent rigorous high-temperature assessments. This choice reflects Xiaomi’s dedication to ensuring the vehicle’s optimal performance in diverse weather conditions.

4. What’s the significance of Xiaomi obtaining an auto production license? Xiaomi’s acquisition of an auto production license from China’s state planning department is a momentous achievement. It grants Xiaomi the legal authority to manufacture vehicles, underscoring the company’s firm commitment to the electric vehicle market.

5. What are the battery particulars of the Xiaomi MS11? The MS11 is expected to offer a long-range variant featuring a robust 101 kWh ternary (NMC) battery. This configuration promises an impressive driving range of approximately 800 km on a full charge. The vehicle is built on an 800V architecture, enhancing its efficient power delivery.

6. Who are the designated battery suppliers for the Xiaomi MS11? Xiaomi has strategically collaborated with two battery suppliers: CATL and CALB. This strategic alliance aims to ensure cost-effectiveness while establishing a reliable and robust battery supply chain for their electric vehicles.

7. What is the projected price range for the Xiaomi MS11? The Xiaomi MS11 is anticipated to compete with established electric car models such as the Tesla Model 3 and counterparts in China. Its projected price hovers around RMB 200,000 (approximately €25,500), positioning it competitively within its segment.

8. What is the expected launch timeframe for the Xiaomi MS11? While Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, initially announced plans to introduce cars by the first half of 2024, recent progress suggests the possibility of surpassing this timeline.

9. How does the Xiaomi MS11 differentiate itself among other electric cars? As the Xiaomi MS11 enters a competitive market, it will contend with renowned models like the Tesla Model 3 and the BYD Seal, among others. Its distinct features, driving range, performance attributes, and pricing will dictate its standing within this league of contenders.

10. What does the future hold for Xiaomi’s electric vehicle journey? Xiaomi’s venture into the electric vehicle sector underscores its ambitious push towards sustainable transportation. The MS11 represents just the initial step, and Xiaomi’s innovative strategy, strategic partnerships, and notable initial progress suggest a promising trajectory for its forthcoming electric car lineup.

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