Yamaha E-Vino e-scooter 2023 edition unveiled

Yamaha E-vino e-scooter 2023 edition unveiled for Japanese customer, this E-Vino electric scooter comes with extra range and features a variety of color paint schemes, so in this article, I will give you a brief overview of E-Vino from my personal experience.

Yamaha E-Vino e-scooter 2023 edition unveiled
Credit: Yamaha Motors

Yamaha is a leading marketer of two-wheelers worldwide, famous for its unique styles and performance, and build quality, recently Yamaha reveals its electric scooter with upgraded features with different color scheme options.

E-Vino has a retro-style scooter with semi-sharp bezels that will give the scooter an elegant look.

Yamaha E-Vino e-scooter 2023 edition unveiled
Credit: Yamaha Motors

It has a moderate range of 32km which is not great for a long route but this is beneficial for short routes suitable for employees, and students.

When coming to its weight Yamaha -made E-Vino with lightweight material that will give the scooter extra torque, has around 68kg of weight which is quite similar to its precedence variants.

Yamaha E-Vino e-scooter 2023 edition unveiled

Yamaha also upgraded its battery with 12.2Ah of battery units which is more compared to its previous one.

Talking about the charging time, the brand claimed that E-Vino required 3 hours to get fully charged, and will cover 32km of range on a single ride.

E-Vino scooters come with an extra wheelbase, with 10inch of tires that will give customers a better experience while driving on bumpy roads.

Some technical changes also are made by Yamaha in its E-Vino like the brand offers 1.2kw AC Asychronoums motors that will able to generate max torque of 7.8Nm.

This is a great upgrade that Yamaha made in its E-Vino, it offers a variety of color- combinations that will encourage people to buy, Color schemes are:

options 1Cyan
options 2white
options 3black

Talking about the pricing, Yamaha has started rolling out its electric scooter in Japan at $2,244, and it’s only available in the japan showrooms as the company said, but it also has a plan to spread to different countries in upcoming years.

If you want to book visit Yamaha’s official website.

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