Yamaha patent Tmax maxi-scooter hybrid drive system.

Yamaha patent Tmax maxi-scooter hybrid drive system.

Yamaha company, Japanese based motorcycle manufacturing company is now working on a hybrid drive system with a Tmax maxi-scooter as the base. The design patent of the system is revealed.

previously, Yamaha company is more focused on hybrid drive technology with different popular models available in line-up. According to the report, the company is leveling up the game of revisiting the same idea but in a different way.

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Talking about why Yamaha can use Tmax as a base, from the official report the maxi-scooter has enough storage space under the seat that could easily take up a series of batteries but it is not the best solution however, it is easier for usual bikes.

The company also filed a patent for a hybrid drive system with its popular Tmax EV maxi-scooter.

Let us talk about patents, the registration of the new patent is not guaranteed and Yamaha also planning to introduce it in the Indian marketplace by the end of 2023.

Yamaha Tmax cranks drive system work – In the above pic, you will see that it is a connection between the IC engine and electric motors. In this, the motor is linked directly to the IC engine through cranks this method has various benefits for Tmax. firstly there is only one link between the electric motor and IC engine & the source of the engine out. In other words, it means IC engine and electric hybrid drive system will be working to tune each other, maintaining consistent torque, power and RPM should be easier.

Yamaha has two electric scooters available in the market in the form of Fascino 125 and Ray125.

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