Zeekr ships 1st batch of Zeekr X EVs to Europe

Zeekr ships 1st batch of Zeekr X EVs to Europe to Europe(zeekr x, zeekr 001, zeekr suv, zeekr website, zeekr china, zeekr car, zeekr wiki.)

Zeekr ships 1st batch of Zeekr X EVs to Europe

In a remarkable stride towards electrifying the future of mobility in Europe, Zeekr, the premium electric vehicle (EV) subsidiary of Geely Holding Group, has set sail on an extraordinary voyage. With the recent shipment of the first batch of Zeekr X electric SUVs to Europe, the continent is gearing up to embrace cutting-edge electric mobility like never before.

Navigating the Future

The European version of the Zeekr X is a technological marvel, offering map navigation functionality across 32 European countries and supporting nine languages. What’s more, it adheres to the stringent safety standards set by E-NCAP, boasting an impressive five-star crash safety rating, ensuring the utmost safety for its passengers.

A Pioneering Initiative

Zeekr’s journey to electrify Europe began a month ago when they dispatched the first Zeekr 001s to the continent. However, this momentous occasion is marked by the rollout of the inaugural European edition of the Zeekr X, freshly off the assembly line at Zeekr’s state-of-the-art factory. With meticulous care, the vehicles have been prepared for their transcontinental journey and have been assembled and loaded at the port, eagerly awaiting their European debut.

Seamless Connectivity

Zeekr ships 1st batch of Zeekr X EVs to Europe

The European version of the Zeekr X is not just about safety and performance; it’s also designed with a focus on enhancing the driver’s experience. It allows for seamless voice communication between the driver and the vehicle, making every journey a hassle-free and enjoyable experience.

A Vision for Europe

Zeekr unveiled its ambitious European strategy during the Shanghai auto show on April 18. The strategy revolves around offering EV products directly to European customers, embracing a direct-to-customer business model. This approach signals a commitment to making high-quality electric vehicles more accessible to European consumers.

The Road Ahead

Zeekr ships 1st batch of Zeekr X EVs to Europe

On June 27, Zeekr initiated pre-sales of the Zeekr 001 and Zeekr X in Europe, pricing them at 59,490 euros ($63,400) and 44,990 euros, respectively. The journey begins in Sweden and the Netherlands, with the first deliveries slated to occur within the year, as announced by Zeekr in late June.

The first Zeekr 001s tailored for European customers rolled off the assembly line on August 2, and on August 25, the first Zeekr 001s destined for the Netherlands set sail, marking yet another milestone in Zeekr’s European expansion.

A Growing Presence

Zeekr ships 1st batch of Zeekr X EVs to Europe

Zeekr’s plans for Europe are nothing short of impressive. Vehicle deliveries in Sweden and the Netherlands are expected to commence in the fourth quarter of this year. By 2024, Zeekr aims to establish a substantial presence in six European countries. Looking further ahead, they anticipate extending their international reach to eight countries by 2025, aligning seamlessly with their previously disclosed plans.

A Journey of Innovation

Zeekr’s journey as an independent company commenced in March 2021, with the grand unveiling of their first model, the Zeekr 001, on April 15, 2021. Deliveries of this groundbreaking EV began in October 2021.

On November 1, 2022, Zeekr introduced its second model, the Zeekr 009 MPV, officially launching deliveries on January 15, 2023.

April 12 marked another significant milestone when Zeekr unveiled the Zeekr X, their third model. Deliveries for this model kicked off in China on June 12, 2023.

A Glimpse into the Future

The anticipation continues as Zeekr unveiled the Zeekr 001 FR electric supercar on September 1. While the pricing details for this sensational model remain undisclosed, it is widely expected to exceed RMB 1 million.

For those considering Zeekr’s existing models, the regular Zeekr 001 starts at RMB 269,000 in China, the Zeekr X at RMB 189,800, and the Zeekr 009 at RMB 499,000.

Setting Records

Zeekr’s dedication to excellence is reflected in their remarkable achievements. According to data released on September 1, Zeekr reached a new milestone by delivering 12,303 vehicles in August. This represents a staggering year-on-year increase of 71.69 percent and a month-on-month increase of 2.19 percent, reaffirming their commitment to shaping the future of mobility.

As we embark on this electrifying journey with Zeekr, the prospects for a greener and more sustainable automotive future in Europe have never looked brighter. With innovative technology, unwavering commitment, and a steadfast vision, Zeekr is driving us into a future where electric mobility reigns supreme.

(Note: Currency exchange rates at the time of writing are $1 = 0.9384 euros and $1 = RMB 7.2749.)

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