Zhiji Automobile Unveils Its First Luxury SUV Model LS 7 Priced at $45,348 | Zhiji LS7

Zhiji Automobile Unveils Its First Luxury SUV Model Priced at $45,348

As electric cars get better and more varied, different types are being made to suit different people. A Chinese car company called SAIC has just released its very first electric SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) under its fancy Intelligence in Motion (IM) brand. This fancy SUV is meant for people who want something really nice. It costs between $45,348 and $67,305, and you can expect to get it in March. Here are the important details…

New Luxury SUV from Zhiji Automobile Gets Lots of Preorders

Zhiji Automobile, which is a special brand from SAIC Motor, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech, and Alibaba Group, has officially shown off its second car, the Zhiji LS7 SUV. This new car is supposed to be a clever electric SUV that’s also big and luxurious. It comes in six different versions, and the prices range from $45,348 to $67,305.

One cool thing about the LS7 is its power. The version that uses all four wheels can go really fast, with a top power of 425kW and a strong twisting force of 725Nm. The version with just the back wheels is also good, with a top power of 250kW and a strong twisting force of 475Nm. This means the car can speed up from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in about 4.5 to 6.5 seconds.

The LS7 also has a special battery that’s really big, 100kWh to be exact. It’s made by a partnership between CATL and SAIC. This big battery can charge really quickly, getting 400 kilometers of driving in only 26 minutes. Because of this, the car can go a long way on one charge – about 625km to 660km.

Inside, the LS7 is really smart. It has a special computer chip from NVIDIA for driving, two laser radar systems, and a smart chip from Qualcomm for the car’s cabin. Zhiji Automobile thinks smart driving is more about clever computer programs than just having good computer parts.

The LS7 can drive itself in some places, and it’s already happening in many cities. They’re planning to make it drive even smarter by the end of the year. They also want to use different computer programs to make the car drive well in the city by 2023.

Lots of people have already ordered the LS7, more than 10,000 of them. This shows that people really want this new SUV. The starting price of $45,348 is even lower than the first car they made, the Zhiji L7. That car started at $54,260. This lower price might make things tricky for Feifan Automobile, another fancy electric car brand from SAIC.

The Zhiji LS7 is a fancy electric SUV with a lot of power and fancy features. It’s going to get a lot of attention in the world of electric SUVs.

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