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Delivery Start November 29, 2023

Places Where Cybertruck Spotted

Cybertruck spotted in Ontario

2/2 Many Cybertrucks on the E side in Giga texas

Bellevue Washington is open and Cybertruck is ON Display

$TSLA Cybertruck in Chicago store on Rush Street.

Cybertruck two rear lights don’t line up perfectly.

The Cybertruck is now in three more Tesla stores in the US

Cybertruck front bumper camera

There is no rearview mirror in this Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck crash test footage has been leaked.

Cybertruck is now on display at an NYC Tesla store

Tesla has released a Cybersoft blanket for $150

Cybertruck is currently on display in San Diego

Cybertruck for the first time here in Austin

Tesla engineer testing out water-tightness of @cybertruck

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