BeatBit introduces Solana-based smart Ring CUDIS, get Oura premium features for free

Today, BeatBit company introduced a new web3 wearable tech product called CUDIS at New York at Solana Hacker House(BeatBit smart ring features, BeatBit smart ring specs, BeatBit smart ring price, BeatBit smart ring web 3).

As you smart ring market is getting more popular day to day, each and everyone is doing something big, trying to launch an innovative smart ring some companies focus on health tracking, and some companies focus on comfortability, but today BeatBit doing different from market & introduced web3-based smart ring.


  • BeatBit introduced a Solana-based smart ring called CUDIS.
  • Cuids smart ring can monitor physical activities, offer biometric insights
  • Cudis smart ring is part of the DePIN sector, increasing web3 to create share-value data over the network for R&D purposes.
  • Brand said ring come with modern digital lifestyle products.
  • Brand open waitlist for newly launched CUDIS ring, for early customers with 1st 10,000 rings will be delivered in Q2, and 1 Million plus rings are scheduled for the next 18 months you can grab this deal as soon as possible.

If you are not aware of the Web 3 market don’t worry I will share with you all the details of Web 3 step by step, for newbie web 3 is difficult to understand but I will try my best to give you valuable insights into how web 3 market getting popular day by day, why companies are integrating web 3 technology its digital product to leverage web3.

Today BeatBit wellness lab launched its Solana-powered smart ring CUDIS it is part of DePINS. DePins is refers to the Decentralized Personal Identification Network, which leverages Web 3 technology to create a shared-value data network.

CUDIS Smart Ring Features

The ring was launched at New York, at Solana Hacker House, 200 participants who experienced the CUDIS Solana-based smart ring also many luxury lifestyle brands and top Solana projects, praised the smart ring design, and talked about the comfortability, and the web 3 blockchain technology.

DePIN – Decentralized Personal Identification Network (DPIN) is a system where individuals manage their own digital identity using cryptographic keys. It allows users to control and share their personal information securely across different services without relying on centralized authorities.

DPIN offers increased privacy, security, and autonomy over personal data, empowering individuals to have more control over their online identity.

To use Oura ring features you need to pay $6 per/month to use premium tracking features but with BeatBit CUDIS you can access premium tracking features for free, how to access features, Beatbit allows user to monetize their health data and access premium tracking features for free no extra charges are required.

To access premium features, users share their health data on a network, which essentially means monetizing their health data. Solana, a blockchain platform, utilizes this health data for research and development purposes while ensuring privacy.

The ring keeps your health info safe by turning it into a secret code. It then organizes this coded info on a secure digital ledger called the Solana blockchain. Next, it stores this data in a decentralized storage system called the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). This ensures that your personal details aren’t linked to the data.

Finally, the ring uses this info to teach computer programs how to give you personalized advice on feeling and performing your best.

CUDIS Smart Ring Compatible

This smart ring is totally different from other existing rings, this ring is compatible with various tech products like Solana saga phone, Ledger Stax, and Crypto Kicks, Nike & RTFKT’s native Web 3 sneaker.

CUDIS Smart Ring Specs

The technical specifications of the smart ring is not revealed yet, once specs are released I will share them with you.

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