Indiegogo Introduces a Smart Ring X that comes with many health tracking features | true rival of Oura Ring

Indiegogo introduced a healthcare device called the Ring X, this smart ring comes with many health-caring features that you get in a premium ring or smartwatch(Indiegogo smart ring X features, Indiegogo smart ring X price, Indiegogo smart ring X technology, Indiegogo smart ring X vs Oura ring gen 3 )

If you are looking for a health-tracking smart ring this smart ring is for you, this ring offers many premium healthcare features for free while in oura gen 3 you need to pay $6 per month to access all premium features.

As Indiegogo said this smart ring comes with many health-monitoring features, the brand is specially focused on healthcare features not launch for fun, the brand believes cardiovascular health is very important for all age groups peoples, so Ring X comes with precise blood pressure monitoring sensor that assists you or notify you when a vital change in your body.

In this guide, I will share with you 5 features or reasons to choose this Indiegogo ring X instead of Oura, also share my experience with why Oura is better in some cases, keep reading dynabeast. After completing this guide you will able to select a smart ring that is suitable for you.

Indiegogo Ring X Features

Track Real-Time Blood Pressure

As you know checking blood pressure requires expensive smart devices or medical equipment, but the brand said this ring X comes with an in-built blood pressure sensor that produces accurate & precise results in comparison to any expensive smart device, ring X instantly tracks your blood pressure at any time, or you can also monitor you blood pressure insights through accompanying app that offers you zoomable chart in form of bar chart and graph chart, in my opinion, bar chart gives you a valuable insight of you blood pressure it clearly shows your blood pressure from day & week, this depends on you which chart is sawed better insights.

As I previously mentioned this Ring is specifically designed for health tracking this is not for performance smart ring does not come with many gesture movements, the company is only targeting cardiovascular health.

This ring comes with Photoplethysmography technology which is usually called PPG,PPG technology in smart rings enables convenient and non-invasive monitoring of key health metrics, empowering users to track their well-being in real-time and make informed decisions about their lifestyle and activities.

Another cool feature of Ring X is that the ring can able to record subtle changes in blood flow inside the body’s blood vessels, store records give you valuable insights you can use this insight or you share this insight with your physician or trainer to take more advice.

24/7 Dynamic Monitoring

Ring X comes with a sensor that continuously monitors your health, for blood pressure ring comes with an inbuilt sensor that automatically monitors your body’s vital sins at intervals, so stay informed about your health at any place without interruption, this is not sure that RIng X app can able to work with internet or Airplane mode usually smart ring can work with the internet but some ring required internet to update data of your health, once it globally launches we will share with you soon.

Ring X monitor Sleep Cycle

As I have experienced many smart rings, tracking sleep cycle is not very accurate in some devices except Oura gen 3, as the company said ring X can able to monitor your sleep cycle, sleep cycle calculate how much you sleep & and analyze sleep quality this is an important part to notice this feature not usually seen in the smart ring some of the companies uses to track sleep cycle, thanks to Indiegogo providing ring X.

I am happy to guide you, the features of Ring X that I noticed in Ring X, so Ring X is your 24/7 personal guide and your personal physician.

if you have a smartwatch you saw sleeping with a smartwatch is very handy it is very inconvenient to wear a smartwatch 24/7 but the ring is the best alternative to a watch which is so lightweight & very skin-friendly that it feels like a normal ring that we wear for a long time, in my opinion, the ring offers a better sleeping cycle that smartwatch.

Ring X monitors your Physical activities

Another feature that usually smart rings offer is physical activity but this ring is different from others because other brands use software to track physical activities but brand said ring X comes with an inbuilt sensor that offers precise monitoring of physical activity data including step count, distance traveled, and calorie burned.

Meanwhile, the ring comes with intelligence to track your daily exercise routine and offer a comprehensive analysis of your movement data.

Thing that Ring X can monitor your movements like Cycling, Running, Swimming, Yoga, Climbing, and Basketball overall to track physical activities that you opt for daily.

Monitor your stress and Fatigue level

As you know Stress arises from various reasons such as work pressure, relationship issues, financial concerns, health problems, and major life changes, leading to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, to reduce the effect of stress and fatigue levels this ring excels in monitoring your physiological data such as heart rate, blood pressure, and main blood oxygen levels this features that I feel very smart ring should have.

This tracking helps figure out what makes you stressed by looking at things that affect your mental well-being, this is your personalized healed advice you can get help at any time.

Tracks Body temperature

This is another feature that you find in this ring X, this is a normal feature that you get in a smart ring usually for all this ring can track body temperature and alert you of inherent issues, try to make your health healthy.

A personal Mediation guide

This feature that I personally find very useful, I saw 2-3 brands focus on mediation tracking features not all are taking part, as you know meditation plays an important role in hazy daily life, everybody is stressed whether it is personal or business to reduce these stress mediation is the antidote of this, also ring X believe that mediation can improve our immune system or boost our health, ring X can track your mediation it comes with mediation mode that guide you that best mediation practice to reduce stress or it might be mental problem, in accompanying app offer many tips for mediation, how much time

Ring X Colors Scheme

Ring X comes in three variants, all three have different materials, designs, and colors, a black ceramic, titanium steel, and a stylish 18K gold version this color comes with cross lines at the top that feel like gold rings, all three different colors and material in the outer side but in the inner side, all 3 made up of ceramic material which is very skin friendly for a human being.

Ring Size Selection

Ring X comes in 7-12 sizes, to select a suitable ring Indiegogo organizes a campaign, in the campaign Indiegogo sends sizing tools for all the contributors to confirm the most suitable ring size, Indiegogo collects many sizes from, contributors and does some more additional survey to find out most suitable ring size.

Ring size selection is a very important part because if you buy a tool loose and tool tight ring may affect accuracy. so before placing an order, you must know your ring size or you can use a sizing tool to find your ring size.

List of most suitable ring sizes that the company finds out.

Ring X price

As I previously mentioned to you, ring X comes in 3 variants black ceramic, Titanium alloy, and 18K Gold, all three have different materials so prices also vary from model to model like.

  • Black Ceramic- $159
  • Titanium Alloy -$209
  • 18K Gold – $259

Ring X Specification

What you get in the box in ring X

In Ring X unboxing, you get a smart ring, charging case, type-c sharing cable, and user manual.

LEFY, based in Shenzhen, China, is a trailblazer in digital health. Led by Dr. Lin Jiangfeng, they’ve partnered with industry leaders like Omron and Amazon Web Services, holding over 80 patents. Their focus is on developing cutting-edge health monitoring technology, including wearables and detection systems. In Hong Kong, they merge tech with fashion to create innovative products. They’re also committed to social impact through philanthropy.

Pros and Cons

Get premium features for freeReadiness score
skin-friendly less battery backup
best ring size collection

For your Reference check this videoRingX


What is the price of Indiegogo Ring X?

As I previously mentioned to you, ring X comes in 3 variants black ceramic, Titanium alloy, and 18K Gold, all three have different materials so prices also vary from model to model like.

What are the features of Indiegogo Ring X?

24/7 Dynamic Monitoring, Track Real-Time Blood Pressure, physical activity, and sleep cycle and many more.

What is the charging time of Indiegogo Ring X?

90 min

What is the battery backup of Indiegogo Ring X?

5 days

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