7 things to know about the newly launched Rogbid Smart Ring 3

7 things to know about the newly launched Rogbid Smart Ring 3(Rogbid Smart Ring 3, Rogbid Smart Ring 3 review, Rogbid Smart Ring features, Rogbid Smart Ring 3 specification, Rogbid Smart Ring 3 price, Rogbid Smart Ring 3 vs Rogbid R2 smart ring)

Rogbid Smart Ring 3 is a successor of the Rogbid R2 smart ring, this ring 3 comes with many health metric features including heart rate, sp02, sleep tracking, body temperature, tracking physical activity and the most important feature is gesture control(to control phone on single tap) with soos tool for security we will discuss later on.

Today I will share with you complete details on the Rogbid Smart Ring 3 including features, price, and specifications, also share with you reasons why to Rogbid instead of other smart rings, and share some pros and cons of this ring this will help you to select a best smart ring for you.

After completing this guide you will able to decide which smart ring is best for you, so let’s start with Rogbid features.

Rogbid Smart Ring 3

Rogbid is a well-known company expert in building macro tech devices, recently rogbid introduced Ring 3 which is ring is the successor of its R2 smart ring, The company added some new features to Rogbid 3 smart ring to make it more accurate and precise.

This ring is not a complete smart ring there are some cons that I found that this smart should have, nobody is a complete smart ring everyone has some pros and cons but if company these features this smart ring will become the world’s best budget smart ring, later on I will share with you in pros and cons section.

Rogbid Smart Ring 3 features

Sleep Tracking

This smart comes with a sleep monitoring sensor that tracks sleep time, sleep efficiency, deep, REM(Rapid eye movement (REM): During the final stage in the sleep cycle), and restfulness you can find these scores on the Rogbid app under the sleep track card.

To alert users, the company uses good, pay attention, and optimal kinds of keywords to help users with their sleep activity if your sleep is not proper it shows a pay attention tag, if your sleep is ok-ok it shows a good tag, if your sleep is perfect it shows optimal. so these keywords help users to work on their sleep well.

If you planning to buy a smart ring dedicated to health metric features you can go with ringo smart ring

Gesture control feature

This is my favorite feature in a smartwatch this feature comes but does not work perfectly but in a smart ring, this feature can be implemented perfectly which is gesture control in a smartphone you see in the camera if you see a finger to the camera it will capture the image so this control we called gesture movements.

In Ring 3 you will get gesture movement to capture images, music playback, and scroll Instagram by single scroll or tap you can like the reel by double clicking on it, this is a very pretty cool feature you find in this smart ring.

Physical activity

This is a common feature that you get in every smart ring in oura Gen 3, ultrahuman, pi ring x so this smart ring can track step count, exercise time, calories burned, body temperature, and blood oxygen level.

But if you want a ring for dedicated Sp02 RingConn Smart Ring is the best choice for you.

Recovery report

Rogbid Smart Ring 3 comes with a recovery report feature that uses Ai algorithm for precise body management, and tracking details for personalized recovery reports.

The past week I used many smart rings but this feature I couldn’t find this feature that will show your body recovery score better well-being.

LED notification

This smart ring comes with an LED light integrated into a smart ring that indicates/alerts you timely medication reminders, hydration alerts, and personalized celebrations.

Pros and cons

come with gesture movementnot come with a readiness score like oura
App is easy to use not use titanium alloy material
come with Led indicator for alertcome with a Led indicator for alert
budget smart ringweight is more (5gram)

Rogbid smart Ring 3 specification

Materialnano ceramic body
Battery backup7 days
compatibility Ios and Android both
sizes7 to 13
security Soos tool
fast charging yes

Rogbid smart Ring 3 Colors

Rogbid Smart Ring 3 comes with two Classic Black and Pearl Black.

Rogbid smart Ring 3 waterproof

Rogbid smart Ring 3 comes with a 5 atm waterproof rating, suitable for diverse family activities including diving, swimming, and bathing, enhancing everyday convenience.

Rogbid smart Ring 3 Size

Rogbid Smart Ring 3 comes with 7 size options the smallest size is 7 (56 mm) to the largest size is 13(71 mm), for your reference I have added an image below.

Rogbid smart Ring 3 price

As I previously said this smart is a budget smart ring this smart ring comes with $199.99 but the company offers a discount which is $99.99 for a limited so you place an order before the price goes hike.

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