Meet the world-first smart ring claims to track your ECG, body fat, and hydration level | Ringo smart ring vs Oura ring

Meet the world-first smart ring claims to track your ECG, body fat, and hydration level | (ringo smart ring vs oura smart ring, Ringo vs Oura,ringo smart ring review, Ringo smart ring app, Ringo pro smart ring,Ringo smart ring amazon)

Today we are talking about the world’s first smart ring claims to track ECG, body fat, and hydration level, if the ring prototype becomes a success, this ring will become the world’s first to track real-time body fat, hydration level, and also EGM monitoring smart ring.

As you know smart ring market is booming gradually every company is eliminating smartwatches working on smart rings try to launch rings as soon as possible to grab customers, no doubt smart rings provide better accuracy than smartwatches in some cases smartwatch is better in some cases smart ring is better as per the doctor said smart ring perform better accuracy in term of healthcare tracking features heart rate, oxygen blood level, ECG tracking and sleep tracking these things where smart ring can provide better accuracy.

Ringo smart ring Features

ECG Tracking (Elite ECG monitoring)

RINGO app, effortlessly track your heart’s well-being using advanced ECG technology, akin to a single-lead electrocardiogram. Stay on top of your heart rate regularly and scan for atrial fibrillation signs to ensure your heart’s health.

building an accurate ECG tracking system into a smart ring is not an easy task, it requires various small semiconductors integrated into a small smart ring, The limited space within a smart ring makes it challenging to integrate all the necessary components, you won’t believe a brand faces several significant challenges in building these small kinds of smart devices.

To make an accurate ECG tracking system, a brand should work on several aspects like size constraints, motion artifacts, Electroide positioning, power limitations, sign process challenges, Interference from other signals, and Regulatory requirements, these are technical terms that I am happy to share with you if you are tech guy you sometimes knew how smart ring making brand add ECG system, here is the solution.

if you want to know more about how the ECG tracking system works I am happy to share with you some key constraints in depth.

Size constraints:

  • Integrating multiple electrodes, analog front-end circuitry, microcontroller, battery, and other components into the limited space of a smart ring is a significant challenge.
  • Maintaining a comfortable and wearable design while accommodating all the necessary hardware becomes difficult in such a compact form factor.

Motion artifacts:

  • Hand and finger movements during daily activities introduce significant motion artifacts and noise in the ECG signal.
  • These motion artifacts can overshadow or distort the subtle electrical signals from the heart, making it challenging to accurately capture and interpret the ECG waveform.

Electrode positioning:

  • Proper positioning and consistent contact between the electrodes and the skin are crucial for acquiring clean ECG signals.
  • In a smart ring, achieving stable electrode-skin contact can be problematic due to variations in finger size, skin moisture levels, and movement during wear.

Power limitations:

  • The small battery size in a smart ring severely limits the available power for signal processing and wireless communication.
  • These operations are essential for accurate ECG tracking, as they involve processing the raw ECG data, removing noise and artifacts, and transmitting the data wirelessly.

Signal processing challenges:

  • ECG signals acquired from the finger are typically weaker and more susceptible to noise compared to those obtained from the chest or limbs.
  • Advanced signal processing techniques, such as filtering, amplification, and feature extraction, are required to extract reliable ECG features and remove artifacts.

Interference from other signals:

  • Electrical signals from muscles, external electromagnetic interference, and even the wearer’s own body movements can distort or obscure the ECG signals in a smart ring.
  • Proper shielding and noise cancellation techniques are necessary to mitigate these interference sources.

Regulatory requirements:

  • Medical-grade ECG devices require rigorous testing, validation, and regulatory approvals to ensure safety and accuracy.
  • Obtaining these approvals for a compact wearable device like a smart ring can be challenging and costly, especially for consumer-grade products.

sleep tracking

Ringo smart ring can track your sleep cycle, it monitors your sleep duration, REM, light, and deep sleep phases along with wake-up time, you will all score on the Ringo App.

In my opinion ringo app is awesome because the way it represents the sleep cycle is great, it shows the sleep cycle in the form graph it is very simple understandable not so complicated it uses three colors to analyze your sleep cycle.

Deep represents – cyan green color, light represents dark blue, and REM which represented in yellow so you easily understand how well you sleep and how much sleep you need.

for your convenience, REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is a stage of sleep characterized by rapid eye movements, increased brain activity, and more vivid dreaming.

In-depth Fitness tracking

Ringo smart ring can monitor heart rate variability, blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns, and body temperature.

Effortlessly track your exercise routine, from running and cycling to walking. Set personal fitness goals and receive in-depth performance evaluations with RINGO

Touch-free Control

Ringo smart ring comes with a touch-free control feature that allows you to control your phone without physical touch.

It means you can control your phone through a smart ring to take selfies and change music through a smart ring by Simply finger scrolling/swiping gestures for smart rings”.

This feature is very useful if you are doing a workout you can easily control your phone you can pick up calls or take selfies or if you listening to music you easily change it by a simple scroll.

this is a very pretty cool feature I found in this smart ring, it is also expected that the upcoming smart rings will have these kinds of gestures as per the tech news we found oura gen 4 ring will come with gesture movements.

Fat Monitoring system

Ringo smart ring comes with a Fat Monitoring system to track your weight and understand your body composition.

also, it offers precise body fat measurements, making it an ideal starting point for your fitness journey. Achieve measurements wherever you are with RINGO. this is pretty cool that you find in this smart ring.

Hydration Detection

Ringo smart ring comes with a hydration tracking sensor that can track body hydration level, Ringo smart ring detects hydration level by tracking subtle changes within your body’s electrical properties, it basically how well your skin conducts electricity.

for your convenience, I am sharing with you how you know your hydration level.

if you are well-hydrated, your skin has a higher water content which allows you to conduct electricity easily.

but if you are dehydrated, your skin loses moisture, and its ability to conduct electricity decreases.

This Ringo smart ring provides you with a score of your total body water, BMI(Body Mass Index), and BFR(). these factors are related to the hydration level.

BMI stands for Body mass index it is not directly related to the hydration level, smart rings use various health metrics & BMI is one of them, it is used as additional data points to improve the accuracy of hydration level.

BFR stands for Blood Flow Restriction is a simple training technique that involves restricting the blood flow to muscles during exercise like bands or cuffs.

BFR , This method is used to enhance muscle growth and strength with lighter loads, this is the best part of the smart ring that you get in this. it is not an easy task to track hydration levels. It works on many aspects, and after finalizing and analyzing it offers insights into your body’s hydration level.

These factors help the sensor monitor better hydration levels and provide accurate insight into your body.

Ringo smart ring is waterproof

Ringo smart ring comes with 5 atm water resistance, so Ringo smart ring is waterproof it is 5 atm certified.

Set reminders in ringo smart ring

In the Ringo smart ring, you can set reminders like birthdays or any event this is another feature that I only find in this mart ring.

Ringo smart ring comes in variant RINGO vs RINGO Pro

Ringo smart ring comes in variant RINGO vs RINGO Pro. The main difference in Ringo pro is that in the pro version, you can track ECG and body hydration but in the base version, you won’t be able to track ECG or body hydration.

Also, the pro version is 2.4 g heavier than the base version, it is 2.5 mm thick whereas the base version is 2.1 mm That is why this is considered as ultra slimmed smart ring.

I am also sharing with you a table that compares both smart rings side by side and helps you select a smart ring. I added it in the specification section.

Ringo smart ring Specification

Ringo smart ring Colors

Ringo smart ring comes in three colors – silver, gold, and rose.

Here is the Alternative to the Ringo smart ring

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