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the smart ring is another future wearable tech after the smartwatch, nowadays fitness is taken as more concern in the market, and everybody is more concerned about their health, many tech gadgets entered the market that helps people to track their health, and some of tech gadgets getting more accurate/precise as YOY, in a market smartwatch is tech that getting popular in last year but now trend becomes the changing focus on nono tech which is a smart ring.

you won’t believe a smart ring is more accurate than a smartwatch this is also proved by many tech companies as well as researchers.

we have listed some tech rings that give you the accurate result that you get in a physical machine, free of cost these rings can give you insights into health from heart rate to HVR, so if you are looking for a health tracking gadget this guide is for you.

after completing this guide you will decide which ring should you buy for your needs.

we will share with you the budget-friendly smart ring to premium ring as the price increases some features will addon that makes the ring premium, it also depends upon the sensor that the brand use to offer accuracy, in every ring accuracy may vary from ring to ring because of the sensor device in any gadget sensor play a crucial role.

Before moving to the list of upcoming smart rings, lets me give you a brief of the things that make the best smart ring, or you can consider what are the qualities of the smart ring to know before purchase.

7 things to know before purchasing a new smart ring

  1. Battery life
  2. Readiness Score
  3. Ring Material
  4. Accuracy
  5. waterproof
  6. compatibility
  7. size available /colors

Extra –  non-health-related NFC features

These are the qualities that make a smart ring best, you should check these things before purchasing a new smart ring, but in my opinion smart ring should come with 6-7 days of battery backup, be water resistant, and with Readiness Score

Oura Ring Gen 3

In the list Oura Ring comes in the first position the reason why I selected Oura at the first position is that Oura Ring offers world-class accuracy , accuracy totally depends on the sensor quality that the brand uses in smart rings, you have seen many smart rings that won’t offer accurate result in concern to the health the only reason why accuracy failed due to low-quality sensor used.

but in this guide, I will share with you the best smart ring that will suit your budget, so Oura is a Finnish technology health company, a brand dedicatedly focused on its health features not for fun, even Oura app is compatible with both ios and android so you won’t worry about, I have tired oura ring gen 3 for last two week, I find out some of the features that our ring can have.

Oura Ring generation 3 features

Oura Ring gen 3 provides much better results, oura can track heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, sleep tracking, oxygen level, and health tracking brand said the ring can perform 20 biometric tracking.

another cool feature of Oura ring is that you can share your insights with physicians, trainers, caregivers, or a family member. this feature I only found in oura not in another ring we have tried the ultrahuman ring also I can’t find this feature.

if you are worried about skin concerns so, oura ring comes with the strongest metal which is brushed titanium which may not harm your finger or not even affect your skin, oura ring is very comfortable to wear.

as I previously said you can also track your health insight on oura app with a zoomable chart for better tracking.

Oura ring 3 fitness tracking

On starting, I added Readiness score -Your scores tell you how your body feels. You’ll know when you need more sleep when you might be getting sick, when it’s time to push yourself, and more. As an Oura Member, your experience becomes more personalized and valuable the longer you use it. These features will really help you to track your real-time health, I personally said you that if you are planning to buy a smart ring for only health tracking you can go for oura gen 3.

you won’t believe that oura captured 1 million users in a few months after its launch and Oura also shared that 86% of people saw an improvement in sleep quality and 88 % of people saw health improvement.

Oura ring gen 3 colors

Oura ring gen 3 comes with 6 different color schemes.

  • Brushed Titanium
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Stealth
  • Gold
  • Rose gold

Oura ring gen 4 launched date

Oura is also planning to launch its new generation gen 4 which is an updated version of gen 3, obviously gen 4 comes with smart features that support NFCs, future payments, and Smart Ring for Scroll meanwhile it comes with new gesture movements that we use in our day to day life.

It is not confirmed when oura ring gen 4 will launch on the market, till now no specs have been revealed officially tech enthusiasts expect that these features will come in gen 4.

so, before officially updating we may not say what features will be introduced in gen 4 and what feature will be eliminated.

Work on airplane modeMonthly $6 subscription required to use features
Share insights to the trainer, physician
Share insights to trainer, physician

RingConn Smart ring

After Oura we added RingConn at the place of 2nd, there are 3 reasons, first RingConn offer all these health tracking features that Oura offers are totally free you may not pay a single penny to use tracking features.

Ringconn ring is more comfortable than Oura ring in my opinion.

the third reason to choose RingConn is that RingConn provides personalized wellness balance advice and also gives you 7 days of offline data storage to track your data from day – 1 to day -7 this is a cool feature that I found on RingConn smart ring only.

This depends on you which ring is suitable for you, but in my opinion, RingConn is the best alternative to the oura.

RingConn Smart Ring specification

Colors 3 (Moonlit Silver, Pale Gold, Midnight Black)
sizeAvailable in 6-14 sizes
weight 3-5 gram
water proofIP68
battery pack7 day battery backup

Additional things


  • Durable titanium
  • PVD coating
  • Non-allergenic, non-metallic, seamless inner molding
  • IP68/5ATM dustproof and waterproof

Weight & Dimensions

  • Width: 7.8mm
  • Thickness: 2.6mm
  • Weight: 3 to 5 grams (depending on ring size)


  • Photoplethysmography (PPG) Sensor × 4
  • Temperature Sensor × 4
  • 3D Accelerometer


  • Ring Battery Life: Up to 7 days on a single charge.
  • Portable Charging Case: 500mAh capacity for 18 full recharges.
  • Full charge in 90 minutes with Ring’s fast charging capability.


  • Bluetooth 5.2 (Low power bluetooth module)
  • EMF-Safe and Allows Airplane Mode

RingConn Smart Ring Features

  • Monitor Heart Rate & blood oxygen
  • Stress detection
  • physical activities
  • support with both Ios and Android
  • offer compressive insight in the zoomable chart

There are a few things to know about the Ringconn ring, it continuously tracks your SPo2 blood oxygen saturation, and the company claims the ring can track spo2 every 5 minutes, and track heart rate every 2.5 minutes, no company in the market I found that show specific these king of specification of ring range, so in concern to spo2 and heart this smart ring is good to choose.

In the article, I will share with you some other better options so, keep reading dynabeast.

Inbox : RingConn Smart Ring

  • Portable charging case
  • Type C cable
  • user Manual
  • Quick Guide
  • Smart ring

you can see this in the image below

Pros and Cons

best for Spo2 and heart rateNo extra charger
simple UI (App) No readiness score
Bluetooth 5.2less color options

if you planning for a new smart ring that measures accurate/ precise blood pressure Rign X is the best option for you, in my opinion, ring X is an allrounder like Oura, I have personal experience with Ring X, and I will share it with you all pros and cons and also share with you why you go for RING X instead Oura , Oura is best ever but to access oura features you need to buy $6 for features but this ring come with inbuilt sensor able to monitor blood pressure very precisely, track sleep cycle very accurately.

I am talking about Indiegogo Ring X, recently Ring X was launched on Indiegogo, this ring comes with three color options the most stylish 18 K gold ring, black ceramic, and Titanium Steel, we also review the Indiegogo Ring X.

Indiegogo Ring X

As Indiegogo said this smart ring comes with many health-monitoring features, the brand is specially focused on healthcare features not launch for fun, the brand believes cardiovascular health is very important for all age groups peoples, so Ring X comes with precise blood pressure monitoring sensor that assists you or notify you when a vital change in your body.

Indiegogo Ring X Features

  • Track Real-Time Blood Pressure
  • 24/7 Dynamic Monitoring
  • Ring X monitor Sleep Cycle
  • Ring X monitors your Physical activities
  • Monitor your stress and Fatigue level
  • Tracks Body temperature
  • A personal Mediation guide

Indiegogo Ring X Specification

What you get in the box in ring X

In Ring X unboxing, you get a smart ring, charging case, type-c sharing cable, and user manual.

Pros and Cons

Get premium features for freeReadiness score
skin-friendlyless battery backup
best ring size collection

If you are planning for a performance and future tech ring, I will share with you the world’s first web3-based smart ring, this smart ring comes with many health tracking features, The cool part of this ring is that the company promises to offer premium health tracking features for free know-how.

I am talking about the world’s first web3 smart ring called the BeatBit smart ring, we also reviewed this ring.

BeatBit Smart ring

As you smart ring market is getting more popular day to day, each and everyone is doing something big, trying to launch an innovative smart ring some companies focus on health tracking, and some companies focus on comfortability, but today BeatBit doing different from market & introduced web3-based smart ring.

Features of BeatBit Smart Ring

  • BeatBit introduced a Solana-based smart ring called CUDIS.
  • Cuids smart ring can monitor physical activities, offer biometric insights
  • Cudis smart ring is part of the DePIN sector, increasing web3 to create share-value data over the network for R&D purposes.
  • Brand said ring come with modern digital lifestyle products.
  • Brand open waitlist for newly launched CUDIS ring, for early customers with 1st 10,000 rings will be delivered in Q2, and 1 Million plus rings are scheduled for the next 18 months you can grab this deal as soon as possible.

CUDIS Smart Ring Compatible

This smart ring is totally different from other existing rings, this ring is compatible with various tech products like Solana saga phone, Ledger Stax, and Crypto Kicks, Nike & RTFKT’s native Web 3 sneaker.

If you still planning to buy an alternative to the Oura ring, don’t worry i will share with you another beat alternative to Oura which Ultrahuman

Ultrahuman Smart Ring Air

In this guide, I share many health tracking rings but these are quite different from others, like Ring X Ultrahuman also comes with PPG technology empowers you to stay on top of your body’s vitals such as heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, and more.

Many people prefer to buy smart rings that come with PPG technology, PPG technology is a simple feature that monitors your body’s vital signs such as heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation, basically, it monitors underlying issues within the body, to measure vital signs required dedicated sensor as i previously mentioned you. Even also ultrahuman comes with an inbuilt sensor that tracks vital signs.

so you make sure before placing an order, that this feature is not necessary but is required in a range of $200-300 smart rings.

Ultrahuman Smart Ring Features

the reason why to chose Ultrahuman Ring, many of you are vloggers or tech enthusiasts and eager to explore new feature movements, so Ultrahuman comes with an armed 6-axis motion sensor, that captures the intricacies of your body’s movements with unmatched precision. Accompanied by a non-contact temperature sensor to effortlessly monitor your body temperature.

The Phase Response Curve (PRC) describes the intricate interplay between a stimulus, such as light exposure, food or exercise mapped to a shift in your body’s circadian rhythm.

  • 6 Axis motion sensor
  • With a sleek design and easy to wear
  • Smooth inner ring surface
  • PPG technology
  • water resistance up to 330 feet

Ultrahuman Smart Ring Specification

Weight2.4 gms light
ConnectivityBluetooth Low Energy (BLE5)
Infrared Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor
Non-contact medical-grade skin temperature sensor
6-axis motion sensors
Red LEDs (heart rate monitoring and oxygen saturation)
Green LEDs (heart rate monitoring)
Infrared LEDs (heart rate monitoring)
battery Backup6 days 
ColorsRaw Titanium
Aster Black
Matte Grey
Bionic Gold
pace Silver

UltraHuman smart ring price in india

UltraHuman smart ring comes at a price range of $341 which is 28,499 Indian rupees. the price varies from color to color.

if you are planning to buy the thinnest smart ring which is lightweight and comfortable you can go for the Black Shark smart ring, this ring was recently unveiled in China at event.

Black Shark smart ring

Black Shark is Xiaomi’s sub-brand, in a recent event in China black shark introduced a smart ring, this smart is the thinnest ring, so lightweight & comfortable.

This smart ring comes with features like one-handed control and intelligent touch, it means the ring comes with gesture movements.

This smart ring comes silver color scheme and is ultra-thin 2.2mm in thickness, it is so lightweight in this ring you will get a separate line in the center of the ring in black color, it is not confirmed how many colors rings come in the market but for now brand launched in silver color with black center line.

This ring comes with a pretty cool feature that every ring should have. ring comes with an LED light that indicates charging, whether it is charged or not. usually I experienced to check the charging level I need to open the phone check through the accompanying app but by this, it is very easy to track the charging level

Another performance feature that I found in this ring is that ring can work for 180 days on a single charge mostly I noticed ring can be discharged within 7 days but the company claims it works 180 days on a single charge.

This ring is launched in China only, it is also expected that it will launch in India soon.


If you are planning for the best health-tracking ring you can go for Oura Gen 3 or Ring X but if you want the best gesture movement ring you can for Ultrahuman this allrounder ring. other rings are under process and not globally launched so we cannot expect what features, prices, and material it will come in market.

for my suggestion if you can pay for the premium health tracking feature you can go for oura ring gen 3 but if you want premium features for free you can go for the CUDIS Beatbit smart ring for review you can check this.

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