dhyana smart ring launch, the best smart ring for HRV and Sleep tracking

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Today I will share with you the best sleep-tracking smart ring this smart ring comes with many AI features personally I believe that this ring is very precise and accurate in sleep track and HRV tracking, so if you have a plan for a health tracking device that tracks HRV, Sleep tracking, and many healthcare features so you can concede this ring as more priorities.

In this guide, I will share with you my personal experience of why should you go for dhyana smart ring, and what the best features of this smart ring also, compare this smart ring with other smart rings that will help you to select the best smart ring for you.

first of all this smart ring is the only ring awarded as “Reddot Award” for high-quality aesthetics, the ring conveys a calming sense of reliability, dhyana smart ring has been bestowed with the esteemed Red Dot Award 2023 for product design, really this smart ring is totally different from other existing smart ring. no smart ring comes with a sizable option this is the only brand that offers a resizable option. this is helpful in case you order too loose a ring so it will easily adjust as per your finger size without affecting accuracy.

dhyana smart ring features

As I previously told you, dhyana focuses on healthcare features specifically focus on HRV , sleep tracking and medication healthcare features.

In this guide, I will share with you some unique features that find in this dhyana smart ring.

First Feature – Unleash the power of HRV

This smart ring comes with an inbuilt HRV sensor that provides you insights into the state of your mind, physical fitness, and your overall well-being if you are a techie guy you know that tracking can be done through software and hardware for example – smartphones almost every smartphone come with a face detecting sensor as per the research we find the face detection feature that comes in android is scanned & analyze through software but in Ios Apple smartphone face detection feature is scanned & analyze through detected sensor this means inbuilt sensor perform almost better accuracy and more precise that’s why many people consider apple iPhone as secure phone.

so, we link the iPhone with the dhyana smart ring – as I said dhyana smart ring comes with a dedicated HRV sensor for tracking physical activities and state of mind which means the brand is health-conscious and helps people maintain their health.

This is not a feature but this tip is for you, the brand claims that the ring is comfortable and easy to wear but not so handy as a smartwatch it is capable of picking up accurate data about your body.

Second Feature – Simple UI APP

This is not a feature but I find that helpful, many smart ring apps come with complete apps not very human-friendly. but the dhyana app is so simple and easy to use on the home screen you find all features mainly brands highlighted to key healthcare features Workout, conversation, and Meditation.

On the app, you find your daily progress like physical activity and mindfulness record for your convenience I added an image below.

Download dhyana smart ring app here

Third Feature – tracking blood oxygen saturation

If you are looking for a smart ring that offers accurate blood oxygen saturation this ring you can consider it, this smart ring continuously monitors your blood oxygen saturation which is key feature to be noted I have experienced many smart rings but some smart rings monitor blood oxygen saturation every 5 minutes like Ringconn smart ring.

The best part is this smart ring continuously monitors your blood oxygen saturation, it will alert you to any vital changes within your body so, you consider this smart ring in priority.

Fourth Feature – dhyana smart ring Material

dhyana smart ring uses unibody recycled aluminum this company’s innovative packaging uses completely compostable material, as you know best skin-friendly material is titanium metal Doctors also prefer titanium metal – skin-friendly, titanium is often considered the better option. Titanium is hypoallergenic and biocompatible, meaning it’s less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions compared to other metals.

but if you don’t have any skin problems unibody recycled aluminum is the best option this material is also considered skin-friendly but some people prefer to wear titanium metal to all people.

unibody recycled aluminum – Unibody recycled aluminum is a sustainable manufacturing approach where a single piece of recycled aluminum is used to create the entire body of a product, such as a smart ring. This method offers environmental benefits by reducing the need for virgin aluminum and minimizing energy consumption. The resulting product is durable, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for electronic devices.

Five Feature – dhyana smart ring Colors

This dhyana smart ring comes in 5 colors :

  • silver
  • gold
  • gunmetal
  • copper
  • space black

for more, you can visit dhyana official website

Six Feature – dhyana smart ring Conversation

This feature you may not find in other smart rings this feature is so helpful it is your personal guide it allows you to always stay informed about your body without being overwhelmed this feature you found on the app home screen you can chat with an AI bot to get your health insights.

Seventh Feature – dhyana smart ring An emotional seismograph

The another cool feature of the smart ring is monitoring An emotional seismograph, this feature continuously tracks your sympathovagal balance, and dhyana can notify you when you’re stressed.

This smart ring is capable of tracking your stress level and also providing real-time feedback on your emotional state to assist therapists in monitoring patients’ progress during therapy sessions.

If you are planning for the best stress-tracking smart ring you can consider Indiegogo Ring X which uses advanced technology for tracking stress levels.

Eighth Feature – dhyana smart ring is a Meditation guide

As meditation becomes very useful for maintaining health or reducing stress, so this ring comes with a meditation guide but is different(other brands added guidelines for meditation not focusing on user interest) HRV based biofeedback gives you audio & visual guidance on how to avoid distractions and experience uninterrupted mindfulness.

Ninth Feature – dhyana smart ring is sleep-tracking

As you know sleep tracking has become so common in smartwatches as smart rings but if you are using a smartwatch that has a sleep tracking feature you find that sleep tracking is not much more accurate than a smart ring because monitoring the sleep cycle from a finger is much more accurate then a smartwatch.

This smart ring can provide you a sleep score, total sleep time, blood oxygen, and resting heart rate mainly brand focuses on sleep quality how much you sleep well, and how much sleep you need. this same feature you find in Indiegogo Ring X which was recently launched in the market.

dhyana Smart ring Specification

Specification Value
HRV Sensortrue
Blood Oxygen Monitortrue
Low Power Bluetooth 5.0true
Wearable Power Ontrue
3D Motion Sensortrue
Temperature Sensortrue
Portable Battery Dock20 days
Charging Time1 hr
Ring Battery5 days
dust resistant

dhyana Smart ring Sizes

dhyana offers many ring size options so you won’t worry about the finger size, but is better to check ring size through a sizing tool for better accuracy.

Ring SizeService Level
XSFits ring sizes 5-7
SFits ring sizes 7-9
MFits ring sizes 9-11
LFits ring sizes 11-13
XLFits ring sizes 13-15

dhyana Smart ring Price

dhyana Smart ring comes in a price range of $240 in the United States or if you are Indian you can get this smart ring at INR 19,700 for more you visit official site.

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