Amazfit Helio Ring launch date, The Amazfit Helio Ring will launch on May 15 in the US and will be available for sale at Zepp

The Amazfit Helio Ring will launch on May 15 in the US and will be available for sale at Zepp(Amazfi Helio smart ring, Amazfit Helio ring price, Amazfi Helio ring specification, Amazfi Helio features, Amazfit Helio colors, Amazfit Helio sizes)

Finally, Amazfit announced the date of its most awaited smart ring Amazfit Helio, this ring will launch at Zepp on 15 May in the United States as per the Zepp release, this ring will launch at a price tag of $299.99.

Amazfit smart ring feature

if you are planning to buy a performance smart ring this smart ring is fit for you as you know many brands focus on healthcare and sleep tracking features but nobody is focusing on performance as the brand says this is a performance ring, I experienced many smart rings like oura, ultrahuman, ringconn and dhyana but nobody is offering performance because all ring focus on health tracking, sleep tracking and Spo2 tracking nobody is focusing on performance so, today I found Amazfit smart ring it offer performance, health care feature and so of gesture movement so overall this ring is full of package.

  • Heart rate
  • sleep tracking
  • spo2

Amazfit smart ring price

Amazfit smart ring will launch at a price tag of $299.99 in us, If you buy it with either the Amazfit Cheetah Pro or the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra, it’ll be $149.99.

so, you get this premium smart ring for $149.99, if you buy a bundle of either the Amazfit Cheetah Pro or the Amazfit T-Rex Ultra.

Mainly, Amazfit plans to make their whole ecosystem like Samsung and Apple as you know Samsung uses these tricks to make a whole ecosystem (collection of all tech products). for example, when the smartphone launches it offers a bundle offer sometimes earbuds & sometimes a smartwatch It depends on the brand and which product to promote at that time. so this strategy is to grab people.

Amazfit smart ring sizes

As the Company said initially, the Amazfit smart ring will not launch in all sizes, “the Helio Ring will be available in limited sizes”. The company plans to expand the size options as inventory increases.

Amazfit smart ring Specification

Amazfit hasn’t released the specifications but as per the press release, this Amazfit Helio smart ring weighs less than 4 grams. This is not so lightweight other brands’ smart rings come under 3 grams but Amazfit rings have a thin inner area that is not too fat, other brands make a fat inner ring to increase strength but for first impression you see this smart is so soft and easy to wear.

Also Amazfit smart ring comes with titanium alloy like oura smart ring also come with titanium metal, Titanium metal considered as most skin-friendly material almost brand uses titanium metal in their smart ring, the reason as you know wearing a smart ring 24 will affect their skin little bit that’swhy brand uses skin-friendly material like unibody recycled aluminum, titanium metal, titanium alloy.

Amazfit smart ring Launch in countries

It is also expected that Amazfit smart ring launch in the UK and Australia but we are not sure when will it launch and how much the price in those regions. A full detail will of ring-like specifications, features, and price will revealed once it goes on sale in the US.

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