COLMI R02 Smart Ring review, best sleep tracking smart ring with ip68 water resistant | available in 34 language

Meet best sleep tracking , COLMI R02 Smart Ring this smart come with IP68 rating(COLMI R02 Smart Ring review,Colmi r02 battery life, Colmi r02 specifications).

Today, I will share with you my personal experience with the COLMI R02 smart ring this smart ring comes with many accelerometer features like sleep tracking, stress tracking, heart rate, and blood oxygen tracking. if you planning to buy a smart ring which waterproof and also best at tracking sleep this ring is for you.

After completing this review you will be able to decide which smart ring is fit for you or should you buy this smart ring in 2024.

I experienced many smart rings ultrahuman, oura, dhyana, and more this year. Today I have another cool smart ring COLMI R02 this smart ring you personally like because if its sleek and slimmed design.

COLMI R02 smart ring

Colmi R02 is a completed example of a health-tracking smart device this smart ring comes with many healthcare features that you need in day-to-day life.

Colmi R02 smart comes with Stainless steel material the reason the brand uses stainless steel is that stainless steel is Corrosion Resistant, Durability and Strength, Hygienic and Easy to Clean, Aesthetic Appeal, and Recyclability stainless has all these quality that why This ring is corrosion resistant you can easily drop this smart ring in water so depth brand is not disclosed how much dip you can drop smart ring .

while the standard IP68 rating indicates water resistance up to 1 meter, some manufacturers may specify their IP68-rated smart rings as being waterproof up to even 30 meters for up to 1 hour.

as you know wearing a smart ring 24/ 7 is not an easy task. everybody is worried about ring side effects, but as per research, if you buy a smart ring that uses stainless, titanium steel, titanium alloy, and unibody recycled aluminum, these materials are considered as best skin-friendly.

for your convenience, I am sharing with you the table below that shows which material is more skin-friendly, so before placing an order you must find which material is used in the smart ring.

Stainless SteelHighly recyclable, durable, and 100% recyclable.Generally safe for skin contact, but some individuals may be sensitive to nickel in stainless steel alloys.
Titanium SteelStrong, corrosion-resistant, and widely used in aerospace, medical devices, and sports equipment.Hypoallergenic and biocompatible, making it suitable for medical implants and jewelry.
Titanium AlloyHigh tensile strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance.Hypoallergenic and biocompatible, ideal for biomedical implants and jewelry due to its inert nature.
Unibody Recycled AluminumLight, durable, and recyclable.Generally safe for skin contact, but some individuals may be sensitive to aluminum alloys.

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COLMI R02 smart ring features

Colmi R02 smart ring comes with many health tracking features like heart rate, sleep cycle, blood oxygen level, and ability to track physical activities.

Heart rate

In COLMI smart ring can track heart rate every 30 minutes it depends on the brand so the brand continuously monitors heart rate and offers real-time insights some brands monitor every 2 minutes, app you find a separate tab for heart rate monitoring under the tab you see insights in graph form grap shows minimum, maximum and average heart rate score.

the best part is that you can monitor your beast data you can share your detail with a physician or trainer for more help with this feature you found in oura also.

Sleep tracking

This smart can offer a sleep tracking feature it comes with an inbuilt sensor to track the sleep cycle, COlMI R02 tracks the sleep cycle under sleep cycle to provide insight into sleep quality, sleep efficiency, and total awake time, when you experience COLMI app you find a separate tab for sleep tracking under sleep tracking you will see many insight like total light sleep, total deep sleep, sleep summary the best part is that app offer insight in bar chart format which so easy to understand for newbie.

Blood oxygen level

Blood oxygen is one of the important indicators of human health. The smart ring COLMI R02 can record your blood oxygen data.

physical activities | Sport records

This smart ring can expert monitoring sports records, in its official website also brand highlights that this smart ring is best for tracking sports activity.

In the app, you find a separate tab like all tacking features under the sports records tab you will see insights in graph form, also see total calories, duration, speed, cadence, stride, and total steps, you find images that you better understand.

under the tab you also see the circular chart that provides anaerobic endurance, fat burning, and warm-up data.

COLMI R02 Smart Ring Specification

Main chipBlueX Micro
Chipset ModelRF03
Compatible systemAndroid 5.1 or above, iOS 8.0 or above
Waterproof levelIP68
Heart Rate SensorVcare VC30F
BatteryBattery type
Lithium polymer
Charging modeMagnetic Charging Cable
App nameQRing
App languageDanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Croatian, Hungarian, Hindi, Indonesian, Türkiye, Hebrew, Greek, German, Italian, Latvian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Japanese, French, Polish, Thai, Estonian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Romanian, English Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean, Malay

COLMI R02 Smart Ring sizes

COLMI R02 Smart Ring comes in 4 sizes, you find image below

COLMI R02 Smart Ring colors

COLMI R02 Smart Ring comes in two colors – Black, Gold

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